It’s the day of Josh’s Commonwealth Games trials and everyone gathers at the Turner’s house to watch it. Things get off to a shaky start for Josh when he fails to qualify for the final of the 50-metre freestyle. But there is relief all round when Josh makes the 100-metre freestyle final as Lou arrives back home from visiting Lolly. They’re ecstatic to discover that Josh has qualified in the finals for both the 100 and 200-metre freestyle – he’s going to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow! But Amber’s worried as she discovers that this means Josh will be spending three months in Spain for a pre-games training camp.

Following their kiss, Kate remains hopeful that a romantic relationship with Kyle will unfold but he’s hesitant about which way to go as he still has feelings for Georgia. However, Kyle eventually asks Kate out on a date and she accepts.

Elsewhere, Sonya is trying to keep her distance from Jacob, but it’s proving difficult with Toadie handling Jacob’s mediation case. Jacob wants to get his friendship with Sonya back on track, but Sonya insists things have changed. She vents her guilt to Lauren, but Lauren, who is grappling with her own issues relating to honesty, suggests she do whatever she thinks is best.