Josh wakes with an almighty hangover after the bender he went on the night before after getting dumped by Amy. Rhys and Gilly try to cheer him up but Josh just wants to head to the pub again to drown his sorrows. Rhys suggests to Josh that they form a band and then stuns Josh when he reveals that he accepted Josh’s uni place in London on his behalf.

Anita is in a surly mood as she skulks around at home on her suspension and she sneaks out with a skiving Theresa, despite being grounded. Theresa says she’s meeting up with some ‘boys’ although it turns out to be one boy and Anita finds herself playing gooseberry. Anita returns home and is confronted by a furious Bel, who asked her to put on her traditional Salwar Kameez for lunch with her aunties and she cuts up her outfit in rebellion.

Dominic is delighted when Loretta announces that she’s quitting her job at the lap-dancing club, as she doesn’t get on with the girls. But he’s disappointed when she tells him she’s going for a job interview – with another club across town.

Also, Jacqui clashes with Michaela when she destroys Michaela’s revision notes.

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