The students pick their dares – those who fail have to cook and clean for a whole year! Later, Charlotte’s left devastated when Zoe asks her to stay away from her. Waiting to gain entrance to the Loft, India attempts to hide when Spencer arrives, however, he comes over and she realises she has to face her dare. Unable to impersonate Spencer, she resigns herself to losing. Outside, Charlotte slaps a spiteful Hayley and it’s left to a stunned Josh to announce that Hayley’s pregnant…

Jacqui’s relieved when Theresa reluctantly admits that Kathleen asked her to steal the laptop. When Des arrives, Theresa backs down, insisting it was her decision. But, Kathleen comes clean and an intuitive Des recognises that the true victim in all this is Theresa.

Gaz discovers an old sit on lawnmower and challenges Newt to a race. With Darren on board, it appears he’s not as knowledgeable as Newt initially thought, so when a surprise offer of help from Rae arrives, a thrilled Newt jumps at the chance. As they work away, Rae discovers a new side to Newt.

Also; Darren’s grateful for Newt asking for his help. Catching up with Rae, Newt promises their friendship can be as shallow as she wants, without asking any serious questions.

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