Josh tries to help Hannah

The Ashworths struggle to handle Hannah’s anorexia, with Josh trying to reason with her, and Suzanne hopeful that Hannah is on the road to recovery. But when listless Hannah pays no attention to Josh’s warning that she’s killing herself, Josh decides to take matters into his own hands.

Justin attempts to get Katy back on side after a lover’s tiff, and Danny comes to his aid with a cunning plan. Donning Calvin’s police uniform, Danny pretends to arrest Katy and brings her into Il Gnosh for questioning where she is met by a waiting Justin. Katy in unimpressed at being set up, but Justin is desperate to put things right.

Determined to get Max to notice her, Steph is frustrated when he pays her little attention at MOBS. She turns to OB for advice but he warns her that Max is off girls at the moment. Steph is crestfallen and OB wonders if Max is doing the right thing. He tries to convince Max to give it a go with Steph but Max insists he’s not interested.

Also, Amy tries to reunite the warring Sasha and Michaela, insisting their friendship is more important than men. But the stubborn friends disregard her peacemaking efforts.