Josh vows to split up Declan and Bridget

When Donna informs Josh that Bridget and Declan didn’t sleep together, he uses the information to wind up Declan who then lies that he and Bridget did get it on. But Bridget is furious when she hears about Declan’s lie and confronts him, unwittingly falling victim to Josh’s plot to split them up.

After taking up Paul’s challenge to write a story for the Erinsborough News, Susan begins considering a career change. Karl and Rebecca are shocked that Susan is even considering working for Paul as Karl encourages Susan to return to teaching. Later, Elle is impressed that Paul has managed to get Susan on board and asks him to move back home.

Miranda and Bridget are dismayed to hear from Steve that Nicola has moved across the road, with Nicola refusing to leave Ramsay Street until Miranda forgives her. Meanwhile, Miranda and Steve struggle to keep up the pretence of a happy marriage, and are forced to admit to Bridget the truth about their reconciliation. But their revelation causes them to assess what they really want, and they agree to make things work.