Josh watches Amber say goodbye

Lauren tells Brad that Josh is struggling to accept that Amber and Matilda are out of his life, and Brad is finally able to give Josh the support that he desperately needs. Later, Brad thanks Lauren for her insight, and the couple share a moment – uncomfortably witnessed by Terese.

When Paul starts to sing Amy’s praises, she angrily reveals that she knows about his efforts to have Steph readmitted to hospital. Later, Jimmy sees his Grandad but, determined to respect Amy’s wishes, Paul reluctantly sends him away. Meanwhile, an angry Jimmy finds Bossy out on the street and tries to get her home – when the pooch turns on him.

In an effort to be more honest, Sonya confesses to Toadie that she tried to set up Belinda and Steph in an attempt to thwart any romantic feelings Steph might have for him. However, still reeling from learning the tragic result of Sonya interrupting his surgery, Toadie points out that sometimes an apology can’t fix things – and a devastated Sonya learns the devastating consequences of her insecurities.