Fi accompanies Willmott Brown to a press launch at the Community Centre. Josh is supposed to be there, too, but he ducks out of the event. Josh tells Lauren that he wants to expose his dad’s lies, and he needs her help… While Josh breaks into Willmott Brown’s computer, Lauren tries to delay Willmott Brown and Fi. Determined to stop them going back to the office, Lauren chains herself to the Community Centre doors, delighting the waiting press!

Jack is keen to get Max back on track but he realises it’s going to be a struggle. The residents are turning against Max one-by-one, as Mick, Linda and Denise all call him out for the things he’s done. Despite his determination to support Max, Jack soon finds out just how treacherous Max has been…

Whitney spots that there’s a spark between Donna and Robbie. Determined to matchmake the pair, Whitney locks them in The Vic kitchen! When Donna realises that Robbie is struggling with the responsibility of keeping the market going, she offers to help him prepare for a meeting with his boss. The couple are just about to kiss when Whitney interrupts. They pull away from each other, embarrassed. Has the moment been lost?

Also, Phil sends Keanu out to make a collection for the job.