Josh worries about a confused Doug

Doug seems confused at the yard, so Josh raises his worries with Brad, but is given short shrift. Later, Doug is rattled when he learns a sand order was delivered to the wrong school, and they have to fix it first thing before anyone notices. He wants Josh’s word that this will be a secret between the two of them and Josh is left very concerned for his granddad.

At Terese’s insistence, Brad holds off on telling his parents about the baby he and Lauren had. He’s stunned, however, when Lauren tells him she’s invited Lisa to work in Harold’s and live in the Turner house. Brad can’t understand why she’d be so gung ho about forging connections with a virtual stranger, when she’s refused to let him keep searching for their own child.

Karl masterminds an Easter egg hunt to cheer up the street, thanks to a haul of cut-price eggs he’s managed to snag. Bailey decides to pull out all the stops to sneak a pair of earrings into the egg he’s bought for Josie. But Josie is uncomfortable that and tells him to stop trying so hard and just be himself.

Brennan is depressed after his failure to get Danni on board with his plan. Feeling for him, Terese ropes him into dinner at the Willis House. He reluctantly goes, and when he witnesses Josh jovially posting an unflattering picture of Imogen online, he gets an idea – he can use Danni as bait even if she’s not in Erinsborough.