Josh worries his career is over

Josh’s guilt for leaving Amber’s award ceremony spikes when he’s confronted by Chris. Covering his jealousy of Amber, Josh pretends to his concerned parents that he only left because his shoulder was hurting. He apologises to Amber, although when he turns down an invitation to her celebration dinner she’s annoyed.

When Josh goes to the gym, his shoulder starts to hurt and he goes to see Karl. Realising Josh has been protected from the truth by Brad, Karl tells him it’s unlikely Josh will ever recover enough to compete at an elite level. Josh is gutted, especially when Amber comes over to apologise and inadvertently makes him believe she only loves him because he’s a successful swimmer.

Georgia returns and asks Kyle to clarify his role in their baby’s life and he offers to contribute financially. But Georgia soon discovers how hard getting suitable hospital shifts will be and how unstable Kyle’s job truly is.

Unbeknown to Kyle – who’s still hopeful they can rekindle their relationship – Georgia makes the difficult decision to move back to Birregurra.

Callum is determined to impress Josie on Valentine’s Day. Seemingly moved by Callum’s passionate plea to let his romantic gesture stand, Paul decides to ramp up Valentine’s Day celebrations across the entire Lassiters Complex.