Joshua collapses!

Claire’s charity fete starts out as a fun filled family day, but turns out to be more dramatic than any of the residents could ever have imagined.

Claire gets caught up in the excitement of her fundraising and she hasn’t got time to listen to Joshua when he complains that his mouth hurts. Little does she know that Joshua has swallowed a bee! As he suffers a severe case of anaphylactic shock he collapses in front of Janice.

Norris refuses to join Emily and Rita as they run the cakes stall and sits alone at home, when he’s disturbed by a knock on the door from the police. They reveal that Ramsay died on the flight to Australia. As Norris sits alone in shock Emily admits to Rita how much Ramsay meant to her and it’s clear the news is going to have a big impact on them both.

Also, Kevin and Molly take part in the charity race. Sophie’s there to cheer Kevin on but Molly’s left without a supporter when Tyrone gets called out on a break-down. Only time will tell whether Tyrone will get back in time or Molly will end up in Kevin’s arms.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Janice knows Joshua’s life is in danger and acting quickly she puts him in the recovery position and tells Ashley to phone for an ambulance. As he’s rushed to hospital, Ashley and Claire pray that Janice has done enough to save his life.

Rita breaks the terrible news to Emily that Ramsay is dead. She’s visibly shaken, especially when she discovers he had a brain tumour and knew he was dying. Norris pretends he doesn’t care when it becomes clear that Ramsay wanted to make up with him before his death. Emily loses her temper and lets rip, telling him exactly what she thinks of both him and Ramsay. Battling his emotions Norris heads to his mother’s grave where he finds flowers laid by his dead brother.

Kevin and Molly finish their race and Sophie congratulates her dad before heading off to the fete. Tyrone hasn’t made it and left alone Kevin and Molly can’t resist each other. Unable to suppress their passion they head to a hotel room where they admit this is what they both want.

Also, Teresa and Umed embark upon a ‘curry challenge’; Graeme wins the raffle and returns the Ricky Hatton signed boxing gloves to Ashley.

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