Joshua dumps Brad and takes on a new coach

When Imogen springs Joshua reading up on Don Cotter, he reveals his frustrations with Brad. Later, Joshua spots Don in the gym and asks him for a few pointers. Impressed by Joshua’s hard work, Don asks him to come and train with his squad. When Joshua returns home, he reveals that Don’s asked him to join his squad and he’s said yes – Brad is shattered.

With the first day as the new owner of Harold’s Store under way, Lauren and Vanessa discover there’s no power in the kitchen and it will need to be rewired. Too devastated to tell Matt, Vanessa loans her the money for the repairs. When Lucas lets slip to Matt about the problem he’s disappointed Lauren couldn’t come to him, but reassures her that they’reĀ  team.

Brad wonders why Imogen didn’t tell him or Terese that she’s dating Mason. Imogen is blunt, she wasn’t trying to hide dating Mason – they should’ve noticed. Brad resolves to give Imogen more attention from now on. But Imogen fears it won’t last.

Kate is determined to keep both Kyle and Mason at a distance. When Lauren sees how hurt Mason is over their split, she goes to Kate, but soon realises how confused Kate is feeling.