Joshua gets an indecent proposal

After watching The Heat’s first professional performance, Sue Parker comes back into the hall to find Josh and, after slipping him her business card, she asks him to give her a call.

Naomi’s furious when she discovers Sue Parker has blocked her application for a consultancy job. Naomi confronts her and learns she was rejected on the grounds of a conflict of interest – after all she’s in a relationship with the mayor.

Having seen Terese take a bottle of wine from the stock room on the webcam, Sheila queries her about it but Terese brushes her off dismissively. Later, a worried Sheila tells Naomi that Terese is displaying all the signs of a person with a drink problem.

Sheila flirts up a storm with Russell Brennan. But he’s feeling down, as he’s never been able to talk to Aaron about the rift between them. Later, father and son finally sit down together to watch television and have a beer. Meanwhile, with Amber’s amnio results due in a few days, Lauren organises a girls’ day out to brighten her up.