After being busted with Joshua, Amber feels like he doesn’t respect her – and that her mum doesn’t trust her. Joshua’s left fearing he’s wrecked things with her. Later, Matt confronts Joshua, who insists he loves Amber. Touched, Amber reciprocates the sentiment, and the two reconcile. But, when Amber reiterates that she still wants to wait, Josh agrees. Meanwhile, Amber also makes amends with Lauren when she learns she stuck up for her with Terese.

Clocking Kyle’s awkwardness, Gem tells Kate she hit on Kyle when she arrived in Erinsborough. When Kate queries Georgia’s reaction, Gem reveals that they didn’t tell her and asks her to keep quiet. Kate tells Karl he should have told Georgia, and the discussion segues to their night together.

When Gem interrupts the conversation, Kyle and Kate are left unsure as to how much she’s overheard. Later, Georgia accuses them of lying to her, and it’s clear Gem’s told her what she heard – but what was it?

Karl’s feeling past his prime, so he decides to train for the fun run with Matt and Brad. But he falls and injures his ankle. Susan lifts his spirits when she offers to play nurse when they get home.