Joshua’s tempted to take drugs

Joshua continues to suffer great pain as he pushes himself at training. He takes his continuing bad mood out on Amber, criticising her when she announces she bought a half share of Hermione. He ends up calling the phone number Kirk gave him for the drugs.

Rebecca tells Paul she will never get back with him, but decides to stay and complete her job like a professional. Paul gives her an access key to his apartment and they have a constructive business meeting where he impresses Rebecca. Later, Paul invites himself along to dinner with Rebecca and Susan, and charms them all. Susan cautiously questions Rebecca, who assures Susan she’s moved on, but the look in her eye indicates the old flame may still burn for Paul…

With Mason’s innocence proven, a guilty Terese is giving him special treatment at work. Frustrated, Mason’s sick of Terese giving him an easy ride; he just wants things to go back to the way they were. Paul suggests he start fresh and Mason asks him to find out if the Darwin job is still available. Paul confirms it is. Bailey and Lauren are opposed, but Amber and Matt think this might just be what Mason needs. Mason tells his mother he’s leaving Erinsborough.