Josie collapses at the charity run

Terese fumes as Paul plays man-of-the-people at the Erinsborough Hospital Fun Run, all the while maintaining she’s to blame for the new paid parking plan. Later, Paul charmingly promotes Georgia’s charity single after the race, and Terese is convinced he has a bigger plan at work. Finally, Paul reveals what’s behind it all – he’s running for Mayor.

Still feeling insecure after discovering Lauren’s sketch of Brad, Matt is ultra-competitive going into the fun run. He gets a stitch, but a misunderstanding leads Lauren to believe he’s seriously injured, When Matt sees her worry, he realises just how much he means to his wife, and they reconcile.

Sonya’s still concerned Josie’s trying too hard to change herself to impress Callum. Josie brushes off her concerns, but when Callum barely notices her, Josie runs off without hydrating properly. She pushes herself far too hard in the race and collapses from dehydration, needing to be rushed to hospital.

Chris apologises to Brad for punching Josh, but it’s Karl who convinces him to fight for love. Chris abandons the fun run to visit Hudson again. Hudson is determined to protect Chris by pushing him away, but Chris wears him down and they agree to make their relationship work.