Comedienne and actress Josie Lawrence guest stars this week as Mrs Haines, the headmistress of a local school.

When one of her teenage pupils, Taz, jumps off the school roof and is badly injured, ED doc Zoe suspects he’s having hallucinations from taking LSD.

Mrs Haines confirms that she suspects Taz may have been dealing the drug to other pupils, which is particularly worrying as Taz is also her daughter’s boyfriend.

Later, when paramedics Dixie and Jeff are called back to the school because eight more students start hallucinating, another culprit emerges.

Elsewhere, Jordan’s mission to improve the hospital’s image in two months ruffles Charlie’s feathers and confuses Noel. Only Ruth seems happy with the changes. Until she falls foul of the new rule system when a patient reveals that she’s waited more than four hours for painkillers!

But Ruth has greater problems at home. Confused by new husband Edward’s lack of physical attention, she plans a night of intimacy for the two of them. Edward appears oblivious to her efforts and announces he wants to sleep alone in the spare room.