Josie’s self esteem hits rock bottom

Sonya’s concerned that Josie’s struggling with issues of body image and asks Susan to keep an eye on her. Susan sends an email to all of Josie’s teachers, including Gem, asking them to be mindful of Josie’s problems. But when Gem belittles Josie in front of her classmates, Josie’s self esteem hits an all-time low. Later, Sonya accidentally lets slip that she talked to Susan about Josie, who asks Sonya to stay out of her life.

Chris suspects Miguel may have caused the vandalism at the garage. But when Danni discovers that Chris has been hiding this from her, she issues him with a second warning. However, Chris refuses to change his philandering ways.

Willing to be friendly to Gem for Georgia’s sake, Kate agrees to Georgia’s idea that the three of them should go out for a girls’ night. Later, Kate hears about Gem’s altercation with Josie. She gently tries to broach the subject of Gem’s nasty streak with Georgia, but Georgia accuses Kate of being nasty.

Imogen’s bored by her new work experience placement, but when Lauren reveals the more charitable side of her business, Imogen reconsiders her initial opinion. Meanwhile, Amber continues to be in awe of Terese’s tough business sense.