This knockabout adventure romp sends stroppy teen Josh Hutcherson and awkward stepdad Dwayne Johnson to the South Pacific.

They are joined by Luis Guzman’s two-bit helicopter pilot (the film’s comic relief) and his feisty daughter, Vanessa Hudgens, and encounter giant bees, birds and lizards – and Hutcherson’s missing grandfather, played by a twinkling Michael Caine.

Released in the cinema in 3D (hence all the objects whizzing at you), this sequel to 2008’s Journey to the Center of the Earth makes up in good humour what it lacks in finesse.

The cast provides the odd laugh and the filmmakers some mild thrills – but the scariest thing around isn’t any one of the island’s predatory beasts but the sight of The Rock tutoring Hutcherson in the art of wooing by bouncing berries off his prodigious chest, a truly alarming trick he calls the ‘pec pop of love’.