Cindy and Tony are run ragged under Marnie’s orders to get Nightingale’s ready for Mrs Windsor-Davenport’s visit. Marnie’s intimidated by Mrs Windsor-Davenport and tries to assert her authority by criticising everyone in the village, including Cindy. Marnie, however, is stunned when Cindy arrives and recognises Mrs Windsor-Davenport as her sister, Jude – the bitch is back!

Ste’s gutted when he can’t get tickets to take Leah and Lucas to the circus but agrees to let Ryan take them when he gets tickets instead.  Later, Leah and Lucas are confused when Ste picks them up unexpectedly and drives them to a back road.

Ste snaps out of a blackout, confused at how they ended up there, and takes them back to Diane’s flat. When Amy demands answers, she can’t explain his actions and admits to Harry that he doesn’t remember what happened…

Also, Liam admits defeat and asks Grace for help. Eva warns Liam that, if Grace is involved, she’ll be in danger too. Eva returns after a ‘meeting’ with the drug dealers and tells Liam they don’t have to pay the money back but they do have to kill someone – Jack Osborne!