Jude overhears Mary revealing all to Angie

Will Jude stick around when he discovers Mary’s secret?

As Mary explains to Angie how she was raped as a teenager by Jude’s father, neither of them notices Jude’s overheard every word. As Norris assures him that Mary was only trying to protect him, Mary explains how he was taken from her as a baby, but she’s never stopped loving him. How will Jude react?

Later, Jude reveals that they’re thinking of relocating to Manchester and while Mary’s thrilled, Angie looks worried.

David and Shona admit how much they like each other but recognise how difficult their relationship is going to be

Playing the concerned friend, Will persuades Michelle to let him take her into town and take her mind off recent events. But when he starts quizzing her about Robert’s relationship with Rich, Michelle becomes defensive. Has Will exposed himself? Eileen announces she’s passed her driving test.