Judge Romesh – Dave

Romesh Ranganathan holds court over real life disputes, casting his trademark acerbic wit over each and supported by comedians Tom Davis and Kerry Howard

Romesh Ranganathan holds court in a new comedy where 
he presides as judge to settle disputes between ordinary folk, whether it be a wife disgruntled by her husband’s excessive bargain-hunting or a friend wanting a refund from a mate who sold him a ‘holiday’ that turned out to be a dating course.

Assisted by burly bailiff Tom Davis and clerk Kerry Howard, can these three left-field legal eagles solve people’s grievances?

Kerry Howard as clerk

Other cases brought before His Honour include a dodgy suit bought by a children’s entertainer, and a rapper who’s fallen out with his backing dancer.

All rise for Judge Romesh!

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Judge Romesh is in court…

TV Times rating: ****