Jules is public enemy No 1!

Cassie, Leah and Dan are furious with Jules as he is treated for his injuries after crashing Alex’s bike. Jules, in turn, is angry at Drew for telling everyone what he’s done. Later, Belle confides in Cassie that she and Drew are a couple again.

The following day, Dan escorts Jules down to the police station where he’s charged with theft. While Jules is still furious with him, Drew attempts to get his mate off the hook and tries to ease his own guilt for dobbing him in by asking Alex to drop the charges against him. But Alex refuses.

Meanwhile, Alex offers to stay home to take delivery of Leah’s lost luggage, and Jules attempts to explain to Cassie why he stole the bike, revealing that he wanted some time alone with her at Amanda’s and was upset that Alex had tagged along. But Cassie’s no longer interested.

Later, Jules arrives home, and Alex tells him he’s decided to drop the charges against him. But far from being grateful, Jules lashes out at him, hurt at Cassie’s rejection. Things get worse for Jules when Leah tells him he has to leave and return to his parents, and Jules leaves town.

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