Jules upsets Cassie

A distraught Cassie demands to know why Jules defaced the helpline poster, but he’s unrepentant. In a desperate attempt to push Cassie away, he tells her she deserved to be beaten up by Macca, leaving her in tears.

Pleased to have Lucas back home from writer’s camp, Tony is puzzled to learn he turned down a scholarship with a prestigious private school. He is touched when Lucas reveals he turned it down to support his family after Beth’s death. Tony encourages Lucas to reconsider but he decides to stay, realising Tony is struggling to cope.

With dire cash flow problems, Cam desperately needs Lou’s backing or he’ll lose his club. He calls on Martha to help him seal the deal by asking her to dance at the meeting with Lou. But when Martha refuses, Cam lies and claims the loan sharks are threatening to hurt Crystal. Reluctantly, Martha agrees to dance, but as soon as Lou signs the contract, he follows Martha to her dressing room. Unaware Cam has promised her to Lou, Martha is terrified when Lou grabs her and demands she give him everything he wants.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday August 1*