Jules wimps out… then goes missing

Lily and Jules are frantic when they spot Matilda struggling desperately to keep her head above water. They rush to help but, at the last moment, Jules inexplicably freezes and disappears. It’s left to Lily to help Matilda, but although she manages to reach her, the current is too strong and soon, both girls are in trouble.

Luckily Ric arrives and swims out to save Matilda, but Lily is left floating face down in the water. She’s brought to shore and taken to hospital, where she recovers, although she’s distraught to learn her chest wall has been damaged from the amount of water she swallowed and she may suffer with future breathing problems. Matilda is racked with guilt, blaming herself for Lily’s fate, but Ric is furious with the gutless Jules.

Elsewhere, Jules tells Drew that his cowardly attitude was due to painful memories of his girlfriend dying in a boating accident where he was forced to choose between saving himself or her. He still hasn’t forgiven himself for letting her die, and tells Drew he wants to leave the Bay. Later, Drew is concerned to discover Jules has vanished.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday July 20*