Julia and Elaine gift hunt for Simon

At The Mill, Julia and Elaine are pondering a suitable gift for Simon for after his impending exams. Elaine recommends a flowing cactus and Julia promises to see what she can find.

Julia goes to the garden centre and sees Owain who greets her with a bear hug as they look for the cactus Elaine has recommended. He tells her his free spirited wife Cerys has finally left him for good. She’s been gone six months ‘finding herself’ while travelling. Julia advises it might be time for him to move on.

Julia arrives back at The Mill and says she couldn’t find anything suitable for Simon. They discuss his exam and whether or not he might flunk it on purpose and we see Simon pondering a multiple-choice question before he makes his selection.

Later that afternoon, Owain arrives at The Mill with Elaine’s Cactus – he found one at a competitor’s place and wanted to thank Julia for listening. Before he leaves, Julia has a proposition. But Elaine is not pleased – a blind date?! Julia thinks they are perfect for one another and talks her into it.

As Mrs Tembe questions the suitability of the cactus, Simon returns and is presented with the plant – good luck for his practical tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Lisa takes stock of her life and thinks about her future with Daniel.

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