As Julia arrives and stops Karen from making a personal call, Alexis Ford observes the two women arguing. Julia introduces Alexis to Karen; she’s a business consultant Julia has hired to help improve efficiency.

Julia tells Alexis about the trouble she sometimes has dealing with Karen.
But Alexis defends Karen and, handing her a red nose, says that her staff will be more forthcoming if they see Julia as less of a threat.

In Julia’s office, Karen tries to control her laughter when she sees Julia wearing the red nose. But when Alexis gets the two women to reveal what annoys them about the other, Karen storms out and Julia throws out Alexis.

On the way out, Alexis tries to tell Karen how to do her job in a more productive way, but when Alexis urges Julia to sack Karen, Julia and Karen unite against Alexis! Julia fires Alexis and helps Karen with some work.

Also, will revenge taste sweet for Zara as she sets out to expose a love cheat promoting a new relationship self-help book?

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