Julia and Mrs Tembe make a grim discovery

Mrs Tembe spends the day explaining to all who’ll listen how vicious Lauren was. Zara says Mrs Tembe isn’t being very Christian, so Mrs Tembe suggests to Julia they go round to Lauren’s house at lunchtime to check she is OK.

When they arrive at Lauren’s, the curtains are drawn, so Mrs Tembe steps on a plant pot and looks through a crack in the curtains and tells Julia she can see what looks like a pair of legs. The women break in and find Lauren’s body. Mrs Tembe cries hysterically as Julia, shocked, calls 999.

Heston’s excited about his upcoming holiday and Daniel decides it would be good for him and Zara to go to Greece to see his mother. Zara’s not keen, but Daniel won’t give in and resorts to emotional blackmail, claiming Izzie will be devastated Zara isn’t coming. It works and Zara gives in.

Also, Imogen helps a recluse gaming addict to interact with the real world – but he is more out of touch with reality than she imagined.