Julia hopes Zara has read the large report for their PCT meeting today but she hasn’t. Julia tells her that really they are there to schmooze Gerard Hanley, the new chief exec of the PCT but while Julia schmoozes Hanley with some flirting, Zara, for once is a little intimidated particularly when Julia points out their future as a practice could be at stake.

Zara manages to put her foot in it with Gerald and becomes a spare part as Julia works her magic – but Zara reads the report over lunch and when Julia contradicts her argument in the afternoon Zara steps in and steals the limelight.

To Julia’s great annoyance when they say their goodbyes Gerald only has eyes for Zara. Zara can’t understand Julia’s anger, so they both return to The Mill in a strop.

Ever optimistic, Elaine comes in to help out at The Mill as they are light on staff, but Karen can’t understand her enthusiasm and snubs her offer of a chat. Elaine manages to talk to Simon who is equally cynical about Elaine’s offer of help.

Later, Elaine feels Zara’s wrath on her return from the PCT meeting. Elaine offers her ear to Julia and gets short shrift, so she retreats to her consulting room where she slumps into a beanbag in the darkness.

Elsewhere, Daniel is suspicious when an elderly patient mixes up his prescriptions and his grandson is hanging around The Mill.

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