Julia bonds with Chloe!

Julia excitedly prepares for Chloe’s arrival and receives a parcel from the postman. Later the doorbell goes and it’s Chloe, although Sally has already driven off. Over cupcakes Julia tries to get as much information from Chloe about where she’s living, to no avail.

Julia tells Chloe there’s a surprise in her bedroom and Chloe runs upstairs. When Julia finds Chloe searching the wardrobe, she points to the cat on the bed. But an upset Chloe thought the surprise was her Daddy; she hasn’t seen him for weeks. Julia tells Chloe wherever Daddy is, he loves her very much.

At The Mill, Freya has a spring in her step; she has a date with Mandy later. When they meet, Mandy reveals they’re going painting. Freya is stunned by Mandy’s portrait of her, which pales in comparison to her child’s painting of Mandy. Outside, they snigger together and Freya goes in for her first kiss.

At St Phil’s, Zara starts to feel a little excluded when Daniel coos over Joe, so goes off to phone her dad. She returns to find Daniel shirtless, nuzzling Joe to get some skin to skin contact. Zara suggests they could take him home on Monday, but Daniel doesn’t think he’s ready.

Zara retorts that they’re both doctors, but Daniel thinks he’s safer in hospital and storms off. Outside, Zara reassures Daniel; Joe is tougher than the two of them put together and they go back inside to their son.

Also, Imogen meets a beekeeper who struggles to cope without his own queen bee in his life.