Julia gets a phone call from Sally asking to babysit Chloe and agrees, despite Sally’s lack of gratitude. But when Julia is late, Sally won’t let her see Chloe and Julia’s forced to turn back. Julia stops for a coffee and is shocked yet delighted to find Chloe’s sneaked onto the back seat.

Julia calls Patrick and takes Chloe home to meet him there. Julia calls Sally, who is relived, and tells her to come to her house now. Back home, Julia greets Patrick, who’s desperate to see his daughter. When Sally arrives, Julia demands they both talk out their differences – she will referee.

After a few home truths, Patrick offers to take Chloe over the weekend and Sally agrees. Chloe wakes up and is delighted to see her daddy. As she leaves Sally apologises to Julia and thanks her for making them talk.

After their night together, Kelly confesses to Jack that even though her dad is a millionaire she’s never dated a businessman before and Jack skips the opportunity to come clean. When Kelly calls her dad and reveals he might be interested in investing in Jack’s business, Jack changes the subject.

As Jack’s boasts become more ridiculous, Imogen arrives and, sussing that Jack has lied to Kelly, plays along to amuse herself. As Kelly leaves, Imogen berates Jack for lying, however, she’s guessed that Kelly was lying too; there’s no way her dad is a millionaire.

Back at her digs, Kelly and best mate Campbell ‘Google’ Jack and find something surprising. When Kelly invites Jack over to catch him out, he confesses. As they argue over who lied first, Kelly accuses Jack of being a disaster in bed. Jack returns home and eats his cheap student meal for one.