At St Phil’s, Julia is diagnosed with Lyme disease from an insect bite and Patrick demands to know how the Mill doctors missed it. Patrick overhears Heston telling Jimmi that Julia had once mentioned an irritation on her back. Then Karen reveals she knew about the bite – she put some Savlon on it. Jimmi defends Karen but Patrick is furious and tells them all to stay away from Julia.

Ruth finds Heston packing up Charlie’s things and is relieved to hear that Heston will send them on. Zara suggests revenge on the old pervert but Heston says Charlie’s career is over – he’s reported him to the GMC.
He blames himself again for not getting rid of Charlie sooner and can’t decide if he should tell Charlie’s wife Marjorie. After talking to Elaine,
Heston makes the call…

Imogen visits Jack in Halls, where he’s had a nightmare evening looking after some foreign exchange students – one Italian idiot in particular drove him nuts. At that moment, Giovanni Mannasori turns up – and there’s clearly chemistry between Gio and Immie…

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