Heston’s shocked when Daniel confesses he’s only managed to raise half of the £80,000 he needs and confronts Julia about why she lied to Daniel. Meanwhile, Jimmi unwittingly tells Zara he was offered the partnership for £40,000. At a meeting, Julia feels smug until Daniel reveals that Zara’s told him the partnership is now on offer for half the price!

Julia feels stuck, but Heston admits they do need Daniel’s money so they tell Daniel the partnership is his… on the condition that he won’t achieve full parity with the other partners for three years. Daniel promptly rejects their offer.

Tormented by what happened the day before, Simon calls Will’s mobile, but he’s cut off by Will’s wife Sophie. A woman scorned, Sophie doesn’t want to talk to Will about what she saw but demands to know where to find Simon – so Will tries to warn him. Back at The Mill, Simon is cornered by Sophie and for once Simon sticks up for himself.

Simon tells Sophie that he and Will’s relationship isn’t just a fling; they’ve fallen in love – but Sophie’s having none of it and demands he stay away. Simon chases after Sophie and insists she must have seen signs that her husband was gay.

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