Julia makes Karen an offer

When Karen is called into Julia’s office, she presumes it’s about a pay rise, so she’s taken aback when Julia asks if she’d be interested in becoming a Health Care Assistant (HCA) alongside being a receptionist. She’d take blood and run her own clinics, getting an extra income. Shocked, Karen asks for time to think.

Later, Immie turns up with the new costumes for the gala, which are a big improvement on Charlie’s outfits. Julia marvels to Karen at how resourceful Immie is, making the best of what’s on offer… Karen gets the point and promises to think about the HCA job.

Heston starts teaching Cherry etiquette, deportment and conversation topics for his dinner party. She and Michelle mess around but when Zara comments that Cherry is a lost cause, Cherry decides to up her game.

Meanwhile, Rob is assaulted by a drunken 15-year-old girl and takes her into custody. But when her outrageous behaviour continues, Rob is determined to get to the root of her problems…

And Daniel announces his partnership to everyone’s surprise.

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