Julia turns up at Daniel and missing Jimmi’s house and pushes past Daniel insisting on checking Jimmi’s room where she finds his neatly packed suitcase. Why would he have left it? As she leaves, Zara appears in just a towel – that was a close call!

Julia meets Heston at The Icon bar and tries calling Jimmi again only to reach his voicemail. As she leaves a message we see Jimmi sitting drugged and chained to the bed, as Sissy enjoys listening to the recording of his radio show. She turns off his phone – he didn’t want to talk to anyone did he?

Heston brings in old friend Charlie Bradfield as a locum, and it’s soon clear he’s somewhat of a letch as he eyes up the ‘talent’. Lily is annoyed at Heston for dragging in one of his ‘cronies’ to make him feel better about himself.

Also, as two men in their seventies compete for the affections of a widow, Julia’s intervention only makes things more complicated!

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