Julia sees life from a different angle

Julia is being pursued by a woman, Paula, sleeping rough in the stairwell of a car park. As Julia drives off, Paula steps in front of her car, Julia brakes sharply and hits her head on the steering wheel. Julia awakes at the wheel – but it’s not Julia, it’s Paula (played by guest star Judy Loe). Meanwhile, Julia (Diane Keen) awakes in the stairwell. They have swapped lives…

Gillian turns up at The Mill with her baby, Thea, and is harassed by homeless Julia, who wants to see Thea. Paula comforts Gillian, who denies knowing Julia. When Paula threatens to call the police, Julia recognises Paula as Julia Parsons and claims that she ruined her life. Paula admits to Lily that she was friends with Julia when she was 14.

Later, Paula visits Gillian, wanting to talk about Gillian’s mum (the homeless Paula who stepped out in front of Julia’s car). Paula reveals that, on her 14th birthday, she and Gillian’s mum got very drunk, and that she is responsible for Gillian’s mum’s drink problem. At that moment, Julia is discovered upstairs and Gillian demands that she leaves.

Paula rushes after Julia, who tells her she didn’t cause her drink problem, she saved her life and that was the mistake. Julia reveals that she wanted to end it all back then – and without her grandchild (Gillian’s daughter) now, she wants to die…

Julia wakes up at the steering wheel as Paula bangs on the side of her door, checking she’s OK. Paula offers to walk Julia to The Mill, in return for some wine. Julia offers to help Paula – but not with the wine.

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