Woken suddenly by a vivid dream, Julia gets up feeling old as she shuffles through her morning routine. After getting rid of some charity workers, Julia spots two cups of tea waiting in the kitchen – is someone else here?

At that moment, Zara comes in and starts making breakfast. Julia hear’s Jimmi’s voice and goes into the hall looking for him but there’s no one there. When she returns to the kitchen, Zara has disappeared too.

In the bedroom, Ruth is packing a suitcase for Julia; she wants to take her to the Beeches where she’ll be safe. When Julia then spots Elaine in the garden doing yoga, Julia realises she’s inside her own mind.

Julia takes to her bed, where Daniel emerges from under the duvet. Julia then slumps on the sofa and realises she’s resting her head on Karen’s lap. She then finds Jimmi crouched in the toilet, warning her she has to get away.

When Julia spots The Crone sitting in the lounge, Ruth reveals that that will soon be her. Later, there’s a knock at the door and it appears that Julia recognises the unseen caller. But is she shocked or delighted?

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