It’s Cherry’s first day back at work and she doesn’t want any fuss. However, when Michelle gives her a thoughtful gift she is overcome with emotion. Meanwhile, Jimmi shows his award off to anyone who’ll look, but doesn’t take kindly when Julia suggests the fame is going to his head.

Julia despairs at the list Ocean left her with instructions how to ‘attach’ to Marlin. She makes him a vegan breakfast and struggles with a tribal wrap. Ruth tries to help in between packing for her new house, but Julia is not impressed; Marlin looks ill and she’s getting him checked out.

Michelle admits that Marlin is fine but Julia mentions his diet to Heston. Heston is horrified and tells her to get some meat down him. At home, Julia sneakily feeds Marlin a shepherd’s pie. Ocean sees her and loses it; she knew Julia would interfere with her mothering techniques. Well she’s had enough!

Heston tries to help a desperate woman who has just discovered the murderer of her husband and child has been released early and is far too close for comfort.

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