Julia suspects something’s wrong with Karen

Julia tells Karen about a new Health Care Assistant course and is surprised by her lack of enthusiasm. Julia gently probes but is told that everything is fine, so she asks Jimmi to have a word with her.

The Review starts well for Simon and Najmah but quickly goes downhill when both their actions are bought into question. Najmah reveals she’s got a new job so doesn’t care what the outcome is, Simon wishes her good luck and they depart on good terms.

Imogen arrives at the Campus to speak to Cherry but first has to get past Mrs Tembe. Eventually, she succeeds and reveals that Karen is pregnant and that she and Rob have split up.

At lunchtime, Cherry goes to The Mill to meet Jimmi. Cherry asks about Simon but no one’s heard anything yet and when Jimmi mentions that Karen’s in a funny mood Cherry decides to reveal what she knows…

Also, when a new mum starts acting strangely and her partner insists that everything is fine, her sister goes to Daniel for help but neither is prepared for the truth.

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