Julia tries to get the staff talking

After her disastrous chats with the staff, Julia tries to get Heston to talk to Simon and Daniel to Zara. Zara resists Daniel’s attempts to get her to open up and turns down his offer of dinner as she’s going to a wedding. When he offers to accompany her she inadvertently compliments him by saying she doesn’t want him to upstage the groom.

Meanwhile, Jimmi’s nervous about his court case but still finds time to help Karen practise taking blood. But when Karen makes a fatal error and blood sprays out of Jimmi’s arm covering his clothes, Julia sends Jimmi home to get changed and begins to wish she hadn’t encouraged Karen in the first place.

Heston tries to have a chat with Simon, but Simon diverts the conversation by asking Heston’s opinion on Erica’s case. Ruth grows concerned about Simon – but can she convince Simon his personal issues are clouding his judgement and get him to help?

Also, an acquaintance of Ruth’s is convinced his wife’s personality has been mysteriously altered but no one but Ruth believes him.

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