Mrs Tembe can’t make tonight’s performance of Twelfth Night at the RSC, so Elaine takes her ticket. But she gets into a pickle when she bumps into Martin in Stratford who is waiting for Julia. Thinking Elaine to be ‘Alicia’, he invites her along to lunch with him and Julia.

Keen to keep their honey trap a secret, Julia and Elaine play along, pretending they’ve never met but things get tricky when Barry arrives on the scene. Thinking Julia has the hots for him, Barry wants to spend as much time as possible with her before tonight’s performance.

Julia asks Barry to keep schtum that she and Elaine know each other and Barry agrees but Elaine becomes convinced Barry’s having a breakdown. Barry can’t understand the concern and reveals his ‘show’ of enthusiasm is for Julia, after Kevin and Zara said she had the hots for him.

Shocked by Julia’s admission that she’s on a date with Martin, Barry storms off. Martin tries to calm him down and, after a scuffle, Barry falls into the river. Angry at being made a fool of, Barry blurts out that Elaine and Julia know each other. Julia’s forced to explain the honey trap and although Elaine appeals to Martin, he’s had enough.

Dismayed, Julia calls Zara and gives her a good telling off for deceiving Barry then heads to the show alone, hoping Martin will change his mind. She’s about to give up when her white knight appears. They put the day’s events behind them, ready to lose themselves in Shakespeare.

Also, a burgeoning relationship is threatened by a shocking revelation, but can Mandy help new love prosper?