Cherry is very excited to hand out her save the date fridge magnets while Heston is so disappointed by Marina’s plain food choice on their bistro date that he can’t help discussing it with Julia. He reveals his holiday plans and when she asks whether Marina will be accompanying him on his Tuscan jaunt an idea begins to form.

Julia, about to go on holiday to Dubai, decides to have a chat with trainees Freya and Kevin to see how they’re getting on and check they’ll be OK in her absence. Kevin says he feels no one wants him at The Mill any more and that he wants to leave, while Freya says she feels very unsupported.

Julia panics that this means she won’t be able to go away, but Elaine promises to keep an eye on everyone in her absence. Julia talks to Jimmi about Kevin and makes Jimmi promise to organise a boys, night out. Relieved that it’s all in hand, Julia can finally head off on her holiday.

Freya calls Bobbie to ask what he’s doing tomorrow and is disappointed when he’s not available, but can squeeze her in this evening after closing time. Grumpy all day, she arrives home to find Bobbie waiting for her.

Also, Kevin helps a patient realise that every human life is worthwhile.