Decontamination of The Mill has been completed and Julia is apprehensive as she opens up. The empty and desolate site that greets her makes her weary with thoughts of all the work that needs to be done to get it open.

Mrs Tembe lifts her mood when she arrives with cake, coffee and words of praise for what Julia has achieved at The Mill.

Imogen confronts Karen about lying about her date. Still furious, she completely ignores Karen when she comes into The Mill to ask Julia if it’s OK for her to film her documentary for media studies the following day.

Lucy goes to see Simon about a repeat prescription for The Pill and starts to tell him about the problems she’s having in her marriage and how she has met someone new.

Jack finds an invitation in Lucy’s office to her and someone called Grant Myers. He quizzes the receptionist, Gina Lyons, and is shocked to find out Grant is Lucy’s husband

Lucy arrives back to find Jack in her office and he confronts her. He can’t bear to hear her explanations and when he returns to his room and sees missed calls from Lucy, Karen and Rob he switches his phone off.

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