Chloe is painting a portrait of Julia, who is staring into space. She looks at the unintentionally comical painting and decides they should do something else. They sit down to watch a DVD over lunch and Julia falls asleep. Chloe asks Julia if she wants a cup of tea and half asleep, Julia says yes.

Julia hears Chloe scream and dashes to the kitchen to see she’s scalded her arm. She runs it under a tap and suggests they go to The Mill, where Cherry treats Chloe. Cherry convinces Julia that these things happen all the time.

In the evening, Julia tells Chloe they’ll do something exciting tomorrow before quickly falling asleep, leaving a puzzled Chloe to say goodnight before taking herself off to bed.

Jimmi wants to take Cherry out for lunch, but she’d rather stay and cheer up Simon. He and Cherry go for a drink after work and they’re having fun like old times until Jimmi arrives, then Simon feels like a gooseberry.

Also, Charlie’s past comes back to haunt him when he’s visited by the wife of a late colleague.

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