Julia’s eye is caught by a handsome man called Graham (played by George Irving, best known as surgeon Anton Meyer in Holby City) who is fixing the computers at the campus. He asks her out for dinner but before she can answer, a drunken tramp Buster Bevan falls through the doors claiming to be unwell.

Julia is faced with the dilemma of whether to accept Graham’s dinner invite or take Buster to the hospital. Graham suggests they let a toss of a coin decide. He throws a coin in the air and we then see how each outcome would play out…

In the first scenario she accepts Graham’s invite and they go to a posh restaurant but Graham fails to impress Julia when he has too much to drink. But after a huge apology, Julia goes back to the restaurant with him. They share a long meaningful kiss and Julia gives Graham hope for a second date.

In the scenario where she helps Buster, the tramp is sick on her and falls to the ground. In the hospital Buster tells Julia his heart-breaking story and how he’s lost contact with his daughter. She offers to help him find her.

Back in reality, Julia is shocked when Graham suggests letting the toss of a coin decide whether a patient gets treatment or not. She tells Buster he has to stop wasting people’s time if he isn’t really ill. She turns down Graham’s invitation. Graham offers to give Buster a lift to the hospital. Julia heads home alone.

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