Julia’s concerned for ‘attempted murderer’ Heston

Julia almost chokes on her coffee when she hears on the radio that Heston’s been arrested for attempted murder. Barry listens as Heston’s interviewed by a journalist who presents him as a hero. Heston’s arrest is on the front page of the newspaper, sending shockwaves around The Mill. Julia thinks Heston should keep a low profile, but he’s adamant he’s the victim!

Julia gets word that she’s won six tickets for a run of Shakespeare plays at Stratford – four for Twelfth Night and two for King Lear – as well as a night in a hotel. Julia gives one to a delighted Mrs Tembe, but talking to Heston finally makes her see the importance of seizing the day… She calls Martin and he accepts her apology and also her invitation to Stratford.

Barry, still puffed up in his new role as Acting Assistant Head of Campus Security, is at the Campus to speak to Zara and Kevin about their minor parking infractions. Fed up with his bluster over Heston and his letching over Julia, Zara and Kevin convince him Julia has suggested a date when she gives him one of her tickets and give him tips on what to wear.

Julia gives Heston two tickets for King Lear and asks if he’s going to mention the abuse he suffered at the hands of Marina. He reacts badly saying he never wants to hear mention of it again. We finally hear an account of how horrid Heston feels about what he’s done. When he arrives home he’s hit by a crippling memory of the violence he unleashed on Curtis.

Also, Rob witnesses a tragedy unfold as young Dane refuses to accept his mother has moved on so soon after his father’s death.