Julia’s double-booked!

Julia talks down to Karen as she prepares for her PCT meeting that afternoon, so Karen is smug when she takes a call regarding the talk from the minister that afternoon and tells Julia she’s double-booked herself!

Daniel has a diabetes clinic so he can’t make it and Heston has some tricky patients booked in. Julia calls Zara and tries to get her to go to the talk, but Zara lies and says she’s visiting a friend in hospital. Julia tells Daniel who becomes worried – he didn’t even know she had the day off.

Daniel calls Zara who doesn’t answer. Julia calls again later and, when she realises Zara’s just shopping, she demands that Zara go to the talk. Daniel flips when he hears that Zara has been shopping and calls her angrily – why didn’t she tell him? Zara says she wants normality for as long as she can!

Later at The Mill, Daniel spots Zara at St Phil’s on an internet broadcast and texts her ‘Sorry’. Zara checks her mobile and smiles.