Julia’s hurt by Sally’s gift

Cherry and Jimmi discuss their new venue and it’s clear that Cherry is getting carried away, saying they should invite more people now and be more extravagant. Later they argue – the only way they can afford the new venue is if Cherry cuts back on other parts of the wedding. Cherry’s not happy.

Freya’s stunned to learn that Cherry is spending 1,000 pounds on a cake and offers to help her save money. When Cherry tells Jimmi she’s managed to find a cake for 750 pounds, Jimmi shakes his head in disbelief, saying no one eats wedding cake anyway. Freya tries to cheer Cherry up, saying that vintage and homemade are ‘in’ and she’s sure she can help Cherry save some cash.

Elaine gives Julia a grandparents’ diary as a thank you for letting her stay at Christmas and Julia admits that Chloe and Sally haven’t been in touch. Later, Karen tells Julia there’s a parcel waiting for her at the sorting office, which she has arranged to be delivered at the end of the day.

When the parcel arrives, Julia is excited to see it’s from Sally but her optimism is short-lived when she sees that her presents to Chloe have been returned with a curt note: ‘Stay out of our lives’.

Also, while on a home visit, Marina stumbles upon a very dark secret…