Julia’s old flame turns up!

Julia’s feeling her age when old flame Jerry Parks suddenly arrives in reception presenting her with flowers and asking her to dinner – she’s surprised as he previously ditched her for a younger model! She throws the flowers in the bin, but is furious when she later finds Karen has retrieved the flowers and put them in water. Karen apologises and encourages Julia to go on the date but when she hears about what happened in the past she quickly changes her tune!

Julia mysteriously goes out and returns looking like a million dollars! Karen is poised with some cutting remarks when Jerry returns to pick up Julia, but Julia is even more prepared and promptly says thanks but no thanks – whatever made him think that she would be interested! Karen is proud of Julia who explains she got all glammed up because you should always show them what they’re missing when you dump them!

Also, Heston has his work cut out when an elderly patient pleads with him to make sure her wayward grandson attends his mother’s funeral.

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