Julia’s torn between Martin and Patrick

It’s the morning after the accident and Julia drifts in and out of consciousness. Eventually she wakes and asks Elaine and Karen for news on Martin. He’s fine, just cuts and bruises. Julia is so relieved that when he visits they hug for a while. Elaine and Karen note how strong her feelings seem to be for Martin; shouldn’t she just go with him? Julia’s undecided.

Martin presumes Julia will have changed her mind; they’ve just survived a near-death experience – Julia is torn, but then Patrick visits, saying he’s taking Julia to stay with Sally and Chloe to recover. Martin offers to care for her, but Patrick brushes him off and Julia leaves, claiming she’ll call him. Martin is bereft.

Daniel and Karen get caught out performing their Bucks Fizz routine for Joe. Zara is furious Daniel has resorted to cheap tricks, but later caves and lets Daniel teach her the magic moves.

Also, has one of the recently deceased risen from his coffin, or has Rob got a more down to earth crime to investigate?