Patrick and Julia take Chloe to the park where he tries to explain his affair. Julia is appalled that Patrick has turned out just like his father; she’s shocked he would do this to Sally after seeing what she went through.

Patrick claims he’s stressed and Sally is so fixated on her job, but Sian cared and listened to him. Patrick admits he knew it was wrong and begs Julia not to tell Sally. She agrees as long as this never happens again.

Karen is still worried about Jack’s recovery, but he’s enjoying his new-found celebrity from his run-in with Harrison. At The Campus, Cherry introduces Karen to Marina, who has a project she thinks Jack will be interested in.

Marina tells Jack about the court re-enactment she pitched to Heston, but Jack wants to focus on his studies. Later, Marina mentions that Heston will be playing opposing counsel in the re-enactment and suddenly Jack is intrigued…

Also, Freya meets a ventriloquist who claims his dummy has laryngitis.